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Question about Dominos raise the stake ability.

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  • Question about Dominos raise the stake ability.

    I have noticed that while using kings ransom, autumns bounty and timber tornado while in a gate and the timer gets doubled by Dominos ability that the power runs out before the timer does. It actually runs out when the timer reaches half way. It seems that the visual timer is being doubled but the power duration isnt. It is especially evident when I have a multiplier on kings ransom like a 10x and the gold count drops half way through the timer. Is this just me, does this happen to others or am i missing something?

    i meant the lucky draw ability, doh!
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    i just tried it out again and without a doubt the duration of the power is not doubled. i started a gate and the enemies dropped 43337e gold and i used kings ransom and the gold drop went up to 18.2f until the timer reached 37 seconds then the gold dropped back to 43337e again but there was still 37 seconds left on the timer. it also happened with timber tornado. i added macks ability king of the forest and with timber tornado items were dropped every enemy until the timer reached half way then the drop rate slowed. dominos ability does not double the duration of those 2 powers, at least in a gate, it only doubles the timer.


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      I don't even pay attention anymore.

      Maybe they will fix it when they finally fix Pet Person so it works with Paws.


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        I thought I noticed Timber Tornado did that to me before. I had started the power and saw it was doubled, then went to the Feast Hall for something or another about half through and the drops decreased when I came back out. I had just chalked it up to something to with being away from the game screen while in the Feast Hall, anything from it glitched and kept running the power but not the visual timer while I was in there to it glitched and canceled Domino's doubling. But obviously that wasn't the case in you're seeing it in time gates.

        I'll have to pay attention to the numbers next time King's Ransom is doubled.

        And I'd also like to see Pet Person start working with Paws. That was mentioned so long ago . . .


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          Yup, I saw the value of the gold drops decrease halfway through King's Ransom after it's been doubled - so not doubled.