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Stuck in story scene after the recent update

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  • Stuck in story scene after the recent update

    HI KI,

    I am around the level 32X and have found two scenes that hang the whole game.
    The screen got stuck and didn't respond to control but music kept playing.

    I managed to bypass the first occurrence by rebooting the game and hitting the "skip" before the bug.
    However, the same trick doesn't work for the second scene where llama is being delivered.
    Unfortunately I couldn't submit ticket in game since the scene is still playing (and getting stuck).
    Please let me know how can I resolve this issue especially I didn't experience any of this in the first 300 levels.


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    Hey there! Could you please open a help ticket from the options menu? This will allow us to get a better look at your game data to diagnose the problem and help you through fixing it.

    Thanks, and apologies that this has happened!


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      I have exactly the same problem. Everytime I enter the game that part just starts again. If I press skip the screens turns black and if I watch the scene the screen gets stuck at the end.


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        I had the same problem. I was doing part two of the basket quest for Alma. I just uninstalled and started the game over. I was close to 300 puzzles. I was GhostWalker and now I am GhostWalker2. Mine just froze and I could do nothing at all. I had to keep turning my phone off to leave the game.

        I do miss my 3 babies I had, especially Stripe.

        Yeah! Got Stripe back today.
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          Yesterday I got my GhostWalker2 back to almost where I was before I uninstalled the game and had to start over. While waiting for the lives to refill, I decided to use some of my 20+ keys. The quest was to call Elias to get Alma dropped. And now it is stuck. My level is 294 and it was about this same level the first time.

          If I press skip the screen goes black and stays that way. If I advance the dialog, it works until the crate is down and the parachute is removed. Then the game freezes. Either way I have to leave the game to get it back to the start up screen.
          I sent a ticket last night.

          I'm crazy but not crazy enough to try a third time if it can't be fixed. I have done almost 600 puzzles plus the side quest puzzles.
          Having enough issues with Ever Clicker and W101 to add more aggravation.


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            Thanks for the additional details on the issue! If you two could also please open a support ticket from within the game, we'll be able to work on this issue directly. And thanks for your patience while we figure out what is going on.


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              I had sent a ticket Friday night and I wasn't expecting anything to be done over the weekend.

              They fixed it today. Well I hope it is fixed. I started doing a few quests and got to Alms for Alma and it froze. I left the game and this time it finished the quest when I came back.