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    Hi there!

    This post is mostly regarding to the new update, specifically the Halloween event. After diving deep into the Halloween event and checking what it has to offer, what rewards you can get, etc. many of us realized that it is nearly impossible to get through the great majority of the rewards.

    A couple of us were discussing this on Twitter and we find it impossible to get to the end of the rewards list unless we are willing to put down over $165. Besides the fact that $165 is not at all worth it for an outfit for Winston, these rewards should be able to be acquired via grinding. Even if that grinding were to be difficult and somewhat time consuming, it should at least be possible. Let's say we did grind to get the last reward... Calamity did some calculations to see how much work and how long it would take and this is where it got her: "So I average 25 coins/normal difficulty level. To grind out the amount needed I would have to beat 6,950 levels. Let’s say I beat a level every 60 seconds - continuous nonstop play of never losing I’d have to play 4.83 days straight."

    These challenges would be a lot more desirable if they were acquirable. In my opinion, the best mobile games are the ones that you can pay to get items but you can also work hard to get them as well to the point where it is difficult but not extremely difficult or impossible.

    Just some feedback about the event. Other than this, I love the game and everything it has to offer. I've been a big fan since it has come out!
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    Exactly! This seems way to hard to do in only 4 days.


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      Nothing here.
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        As soon as I saw what would be needed I laughed for at least 5 minutes. No way can I complete the Halloween event. I haven't even finished even one of the new animal events. Just not enough coins. I will be lucky to get the 4th prize at 4000 candy corn.

        I finished the story update already using the keys I had. Currently stuck on level 508 but will get it eventually. Doubt I will even place in the tournament let alone finish first like the last two times at this rate.