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  • To developers of the Animal Cove

    Since getting the Dec. 18, 2018 update, I have become very disappointed in the game. I was really expecting, as we're others, an update that would continue the storyline. Not an update that would give us an area that I care nothing for. Not to mention the fact that it takes a ridiculous amount of coins & keys in order to make it all function. So I guess I won't be playing this particular game any longer. And that makes me sad, because i really was enjoying it. So I want to thank you for disappointing me.
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    I have to agree about the last update not really bringing value to Animal Cove. I was also expecting to see a continuation of the story line.
    The bit about collecting ingredients and combining items in a stove and taking between 6 and 8 hours to cook is ludicrous at best. The low amount of items and the laughable amount of time to process finished products to exchange for rewards... lets just say it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to determine the new area is to drive up in game purchases, but the reward payout is so small it doesn’t make sense to invest time or real money in playing this area of the game. Also, the game play in the newly updated area is frustrating and is delve of any shred of continuity to the original game concept.

    I continue to enjoy playing the Match 3 portion of the game, but wish there was more storyline to spend all my saved up keys.


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      I agree the island is ridiculous and to upgrade costs an amazing amount of keys so I refuse to play

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    Thanks for the feedback! We realize that the story is a critical part of the fun of the game, which is why we're working hard on the next set. You're going to love it! We're still working on it, so stay tuned for updates as we are able to release them.

    Aside from the story, we're curious what you are also enjoying about the game. Let us know please so we can also work on those features! I see Jimboy mentioning the Match-3 levels, which is great to hear.


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      I'm glad to see someone feels the same way i do about this update. The Match 3 levels are very enjoyable. But it IS the storyline that keeps my attention. Please hurry with the next update for it!
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        I am also waiting for the story to continue. At this point, I am wondering if it is coming. The island of ingredients came along and, ok..., but there was plenty to work with already on the mainland. The story was funny and original. I am sad to use the word 'was'. Match 3 is everywhere and though this version was one of the better match threes it cannot stand alone in my view. I hope a quality update comes out soon.


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          Yet another unproductive update in the game.
          Daily player & heart giver! In-game name is MemawTammy .... Send me friend request in the game.