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Why Power up Mythical Animals?

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    Originally posted by mopa9000 View Post

    From my understanding if you power up a mythical baby animal the time it takes to get their treat becomes shorter. However you can only trade in these treats for points every 24 hours? So if your getting one treat every 12 hours wouldn't you never run out?
    Hi mopa, you are correct that powering up a mythical baby will reduce the time it takes to get that babies treat. But the second part isn't quite correct. The recipes presented each day include 6 'regular' recipes and 1 recipe that includes a mythical ingredient. The 6 'regular' recipes are 1x use and you have to wait until the next day. The mythical recipe however will immediately present you with a new mythical recipe (not the same ingredients) so you can keep redeeming mythical recipes until you don't have enough of 1 or more ingredients. That said, after the first week or so of having all mythical babies, my limiting factor has been 'regular' ingredients NOT mythical ingredients. Basically you get 10 mythical ingredients per day (2 for each mythical baby) and each recipe only uses 1 mythical ingredient and rarely am i able to redeem more than 6 recipes (and often only 1 or 2) so yea my mythical ingredients stash is growing.


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      Well other than Bruce(50/90) and Mackie (44/50) they are all I have left to max.

      Some recipes use 2 of the mythical ingredients. I just had one today that used 2 rainbow sprinkles.