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Disproportionate Availability of Currencies and Game Items

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  • Disproportionate Availability of Currencies and Game Items

    One of the things I'm finding very odd with Animal Cove is the amounts of different things we have access to.

    For example, let's take a look at my ingredients on the Mythical Island with all flowers unlocked and three ovens running on a regular basis. I have 6 of the candies, 4 donuts, 8 cakes, etc., while I have 1259 chocolate and 430 strawberries. Why design the system this way? Where is there so much excess on one end and a shortage on the other? If there's no real conversion of these primary ingredients into anything else without secondary ingredients I'm already short on, why give so many in the first place? They'll never all get used; they are being generated at an exponentially faster pace than they can possibly be turned into anything else or used in recipes. Using the current key cost pattern, it costs something like 3, 5, then 8 keys and it continues to increase to upgrade flowers. That's already 16 keys for a 3% chance at rarer harvests, and that's a ratio that continues to get worse as, for some reason, the key cost needs to increase with every upgrade. The key costs on other flowers are even more expensive.

    Then there's animal tokens. The original, re-worked rescue events are becoming less and less relevant for anyone who's been playing regularly. They give ten total tokens for one animal over six levels. The other animal events are giving that many tokens in one level, and they offer more levels. Why continue to offer the old event?

    Now let's talk about gold. Gold is not nearly as simple to earn as it should be. I'm not suggesting it start raining gold and we can automatically unlock everything, but let's break this down, shall we? Right now, with animal tokens only from free events, I'm at a place where I am 25,500 gold behind in "leveling up" my animals. I get an average of 30 gold per level. Let's say it takes two minutes to play a level (it does not - normal play often takes longer than this and this assumes you NEVER fail on even hard or very hard levels, which we know can take the average player ten or more tries from KI Live's recent interview, but we'll be conservative in our estimate). So for 25,500 gold right now (it's going up every week with new levels), I'd need to complete 850 levels in infinite mode - that's more than the number of levels you've constructed total. Now multiply by our VERY conservative estimate of two minutes per level. Well, 1700 minutes is over 28 hours of solid game play. Is this what you're expecting players to put into to your levels on a regular basis? I don't think this is realistic for a mobile game, especially for just one aspect of a mobile game.

    I really like the concept and the various games and such, but I'd like to see a better distribution of these resources and currencies, more gold made available to players, maybe some more conversions of basic ingredients, etc. I think this is an important part of game design which has been largely overlooked here.

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    i have noticed and agree with most of this. now some of this is intentional to encourage in game purchases, but others are not.
    on a related note, i wish those chests you win on the weekend challenges included some gold coins. i mean what treasure chest doesn't have gold coins!


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      Since this game is such a memory hog and my phone keeps crashing, I realized I was probably never going to be able to update the game again. So I decided to use those keys to upgrade the gardens and ovens. I just did another round of upgrades but now I am saving to open the 4th oven.

      One way to earn more coins is to buy either the 1 or 3 day VIP. I started doing this when I knew I would be able to play enough to earn back what I spent plus usually several hundred coins. Right now I have a 1 day. I do the 3 day for tournament weekends. Saving up for the next 3 day and I need to save up to power up Farm animals when I get enough tokens.

      My biggest complaint other than the memory issue, is I get the same puzzles over and over. With 700 or so puzzles that I have done, there is about 50-75 that I see ALL the time. Some pop up several times over a few days, sometimes just minutes after I finished it. About half of these are the puzzles I hated the most so of course they pop up often.

      I'm in infinity but it shouldn't be like Groundhog day with the same puzzles. Last week I had a day where I was getting the hedgehog puzzles one right after another for hours and then got more with the animal event puzzles. I got sick of seeing the critter.
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        DARKHUNTER , I haven't done the VIP yet, how much do you need to play to earn back enough coins to make it worth it? basically how much more do you earn?
        each reg level is worth 20 coins + remaining bombs
        each hard level is worth 30 coins + bombs
        each very hard is worth 40 coins + bombs
        do those "baseline" amounts change? to what?
        each tnt stick, egg, and arrows are worth 1 coin
        each round bomb, TNT jar, atomic bomb, and cloud are worth 2 coins
        do those values change and to what?



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          With VIP pass you earn extra 20 coins per challenge

        • DARKHUNTER
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          Green =20 , red= 30 and purple =40. Animal event is 5.

          One time I made it back in about 5 hours. I lucked out in the puzzles. Another time I barely made back the 1000 before my time was up because I got a few of the puzzles I hate.
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