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  • Stuck??

    There seems to be no more levels i can play how many levels are there??

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    Originally posted by Tressa0721 View Post
    There seems to be no more levels i can play how many levels are there??
    Hi Tressa! There are 5 main regions, and of course you can level up the characters. Are the characters what you are referring too?

    Let us know if you have any other questions, and thanks for playing!


    • Tressa0721
      Tressa0721 commented
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      Im not sure if i have 5..but Dez is in a block of ice and all i can do is upgrade outfits and ovens??

    • Oran of Urz
      Oran of Urz commented
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      Tressa0721 I believe you posted your question in the wrong forum (this is the War Goonz forum). Based on your response, I believe you are referring to Animal Cove. If so, then yes, players are currently awaiting a storyline update for Animal Cove.

    • Mobile Admin
      Mobile Admin commented
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      Thank you Oran! I will move this thread to the Animal Cove section.

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    My apologies Tressa, I thought you were referring to another of our games. It does sound like you've completed the storyline, congrats! We're currently in performance and maintenance mode, so we encourage you to check out all of the other features in the game like Mythical Island and Clubs. Let us know if you have any questions on these too!