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Need to add improvements to the game badly.

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  • Need to add improvements to the game badly.

    I'm not going to lie here... I've been getting very bored of the game and been skipping out on most of the events except "baby" event rewards. For the past 3 weeks, I've totally ignored farming keys and gold and just got so burnt out that the game is... not as enjoyable as before.

    I was getting 2500 gold on average per 2 days (24 hour grinds) and since I've stopped playing past 24 days that's about 60,000 gold I could had generated to upgrade my pets which are rotting in my UI atm.

    So... here's my proposal.

    Gold Multiplier bonus.

    Every time you complete a level with no failures, no boosters, no hammer usage, and no gold purchases to continue the level after failure at any time; you are given a gold multiplier bonus buff.

    Gold Bonus x0.25
    Gold Bonus x0.50
    Gold Bonus x0.75
    Gold Bonus x1
    Gold Bonus x2
    Gold Bonus x2.5 (VIP Only)

    If you fail any of the requirements listed above at any time, then a cooldown begins as listed below.

    Must wait 12 hours.
    Must wait 6 hours. (VIP Only)

    Another thing I would like to see changed is the gathering of materials. Its very annoying clicking each mythical baby, each flower that generates sweets, and each sweet vender machine.

    Please make a 1-click gather all for the island. Thank you.

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    I agree with that 1-click gather all suggestion !!!!
    I also used to agree with the need for more gold but I have a secret for you (not really secret) that after you have 'maxed' out an animal you get gold instead of animal tokens. So in your case your zebra is 4 star so when it reaches 150 tokens any additional tokens will reward you with gold coins instead. You also have 3 babies that are 3 star and when they reach 240 tokens (even without upgrading to 4 or 5 stars) then any additional tokens will reward gold coins instead. So for example this past weekend for my animal challenge event I had 2 babies with max tokens already so I earned over 10,000 gold coins (it is like 250 a token so x5 for the 1st 2 levels was 1250+1250 and then there was a 5+5 so another 2500 and a couple 8 token levels at 2000 each and some 10 token ones i think)
    So my point is soon you too will be raking in the coins


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      An interesting suggestion Hunter! And nice way to get those coins esmee .