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Need to add improvements to the game badly.

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  • Need to add improvements to the game badly.

    Nothing here.
    Last edited by Hunter; July 31st, 2019, 04:05 PM. Reason: No longer supporting Kingsisle.

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    I agree with that 1-click gather all suggestion !!!!
    I also used to agree with the need for more gold but I have a secret for you (not really secret) that after you have 'maxed' out an animal you get gold instead of animal tokens. So in your case your zebra is 4 star so when it reaches 150 tokens any additional tokens will reward you with gold coins instead. You also have 3 babies that are 3 star and when they reach 240 tokens (even without upgrading to 4 or 5 stars) then any additional tokens will reward gold coins instead. So for example this past weekend for my animal challenge event I had 2 babies with max tokens already so I earned over 10,000 gold coins (it is like 250 a token so x5 for the 1st 2 levels was 1250+1250 and then there was a 5+5 so another 2500 and a couple 8 token levels at 2000 each and some 10 token ones i think)
    So my point is soon you too will be raking in the coins


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      An interesting suggestion Hunter! And nice way to get those coins esmee .