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Club Level 8 rewards are a step DOWN

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  • Club Level 8 rewards are a step DOWN

    So we aren't there yet, but our club is about to reach Level 6, which is awesome because it will boost the 3500 gem reward from x10 to x15 animal tokens!! Next we will be looking to get Level 7, which is also great because it will boost the 6250 reward from x2000 crystals to x2500 crystals and x2 mythical animal tokens.
    BUT after that is Level 8 and that is where I see the problem. Level 8 "boosts" the 1500 gem reward from:
    x2 TNT jars + x2 clouds + x1 hammer ---- to ---> x2 cloud+A-bomb + x3 hammer
    now I like all the power boosters and hammers and each has their place and best levels to use them on. Certain levels are GREAT for a cloud but other levels are MUCH BETTER for TNT and the combined cloud+A-bomb is usually best on levels that are good for the cloud. Since each has certain levels they are really good on I just group these pre-level boosters to be "BIG" boosts and hammers to be "SMALL" boosts (even though sometimes those hammers come in SUPER handy). So that said I feel like going to level 8 is going from:
    4 BIG & 1 SMALL booster -----to----> 2 BIG & 3 SMALL boosters
    So to me going to club level 8 is a step BACKWARDS.
    Does anyone else agree or do people think 2 cloud+A-bombs are much better than 4 of the other boosters or maybe that hammers are the best booster of all?

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    Hi esmee! Hmm, some view it as an upgrade in a way. For instance, the Cloud + Big Bomb is usually going to result in better board movement for the player. The hammers are incredibly powerful since they do not consume a turn to use and allow you to precisely remove a tile of your choice.

    Also, the booster upgrades for club level-ups are the smallest of the benefits... just another step in the way to get to the really good stuff (animal tokens, crystals, etc.).


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      Hello. Personnally I don't agree and find cloud BIG bomb very destructive. The hammers are fantastic and the more I get the more I'm happy