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Tried the butterfly match 3 game and it isn’t working .

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  • Tried the butterfly match 3 game and it isn’t working .

    I did all that was told , I tried match 3 , then bombs , and even the purple bombs and could not make any butterfly even with 3 consecutive moves to let the 3 resources and all by the butterfly’s but they didn’t even move. I wasted 3 games and a lot of paid for resources for 3 rounds . Like 25 bucks out of pocket. It turned into a waste. I’m so sad. I joined VIP status and it is wasted because I cannot play on. I want my VIP reimbursed. I am a daily player and when this happens it causes my PTSD to put me in bed.

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    Hi Coiffure, Those butterflies can be quite a pain. You do realize you have to wake up ALL the butterflies to make them all fly away together. It doesn't matter how many time you hit those individual butterflies they just won't leave until you wake up all their friends. It is a weird mechanic and can be quite tricky to do, but I usually succeed after a few (or more) tries
    Wishing you luck ...