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Bug with the last baby animal rescue

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    So I have seen various reports about this problem. My understanding was that once you have the maximum number of tokens for all the baby animals eligible for the baby rescue event that happens each tuesday-thursday (that is all animals that are not mythical or only redeemable from club shop or only redeemable from the garden kiosk; i.e. that excludes Rusty (horse), Barry (bear), Lena (lion), Twinkle Star (unicorn), Violeta (dragon), Max (griffon), Buckie (jackalope), Nessa (sea monster). )
    That said, I have the maximum (or more) number of tokens for all my babies (except the mythicals) and I'm still able to play the rescue event.
    I have all my non-mythical animals rank 5 star EXCEPT: Fluffy (cat) which is at 152/150, Fawkes (fox) which is at 154/150, and Pippa (hippo) which is at 151/150.
    The only thing I note is that:
    a) I have at least 1 baby animal from each group (farm, woodland, safari) that is not at 5 star
    b) each of those babies have "super max" number of tokens (>150)
    c) both last week and this week my rescue event was for Pippa (hippo). I keep an eye on it to see if Pippa is the secret or not.


    • esmee
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      Editing a comment
      F/U - his week I got the fox so the hippo isn't unique.
      2 factors still remain : at least 1 from each group and the fact that they are super - max.
      Anyone else have anything to contribute?