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Weekly challenges did not reset. Animal Cove and Everclicker.

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  • Weekly challenges did not reset. Animal Cove and Everclicker.

    The weekly club challenge in Animal Cove did not reset. And the Weekly Guild Challenge in Everclicker did not reset.

    The Club I am in finished with 6591 and right now has 6751. (125 is mine of the new total.)
    The Guild I am in finished with 6347 and right now has 6493. (10 is mine of the new total.)

    I know this happened to another Club a few months ago. Did it ever get fixed?

    I know they had issues with not getting their prizes. Our club will get to level 9 this week and I would dislike it very much if we have issues getting the prizes after upgrading. And if it happens week after week like it did for that club I don't know if the other club members will want to donate as much. Might take much longer to get to a million for level 10.

    The Everclicker issue to me isn't as important but probably is for the others in the Guild. Just thought it odd that both have the same issue.

    I asked in chat in both games to make sure it wasn't just me and others in both have the same problem.

    Any other Clubs or Guilds have the same issue start tonight?

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    Please contact support through the in-game support menu if your Club points are not being reset.


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      We have.

      We are trying to see if others have the same issues that just started last night after the end of the week and start of the new.


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        The guild I am in in Everclicker also didn't reset. Checking to see if someone has already sent in a ticket.


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          Interesting, our club weekly total also did not reset. We did receive our rewards but the total didn't reset.


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            I sent in a ticket, Esmee


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              Great news, we've identified a resolution to the issue! We're targeting this evening for a fix and will update you here once confirmed.


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                so the update happened but our club still shows the extra large total (about 10K from last week and another 6K this week so far). should that have changed or will that get updated next week?


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                  And will that lack of reset affect our rewards THIS week?


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                    Any progress on resolving this issue?


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                      the tweets indicate it's been fixed on the server. we just aren't seeing it show up on our side. maybe we need to make sure we are connected to Facebook, uninstall and reinstall ....


                      • Oran of Urz
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                        Editing a comment
                        HAHA!!! I'm sure that will work......after a few attempts.

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                      Thanks, I just spit out my coffee...