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Tips and Tricks for Animal Cove

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  • Tips and Tricks for Animal Cove

    I saw this mentioned on KI Live, so I thought, why not?

    One thing I've found to be helpful is when you get an infinite heart from the daily reward, don't use keys immediately. Get as many levels done in the time with infinite lives as you can (usually 30 minutes to 1 hour), then use all the keys when it expires.

    Something else I've found is that combining a thundercloud with an egg turns some of the targeted pieces into eggs of the same color. Combining a thundercloud with dynamite changes some of the pieces into more dynamite.

    I'd love to see more!

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    speaking of combining items, if you combine any of the explosion items with an egg, the hatched chicken will take that dynamite to a new location. That is very helpful when you need things blown up far away. That said, if you really want to **** up stuff in that area, don't combine it with an egg since it will take your explosion elsewhere.


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      Great tips so far, keep 'em coming!


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        Great tips PastCat! I'm going to pin this post for everyone. Thanks!


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          Know your power ups, how they are made and what they do. Even though a 4 tile box makes a small egg which is considered smaller than a 5 tile bomb, that egg is often much more useful than a bomb. I have won many a game by making and hatching an egg rather than making a bomb.


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            Here is a two'fer. Get lots of active members on your friends list so you have lots of hearts to help you out when you are stuck on one of those hard or very hard levels. How do you get friends you ask? Well here is the second part of that "two'fer" with tips for that: 1) use the link to facebook to link up with your facebook friends that also play Animal Cove, 2) visit the other thread on this forum named "Friends" ( and 3) during a leader board event on Animal Cove send invites to the names you see on the leader board (you KNOW they are active!!)

            Here's another tip: There are 2 ways to swap tiles: 1) touch and swipe AND 2) touch and then touch the tile where you want it to go. I originally did the swipe as it is easier/more natural, but every so often that swipe didn't go the way I wanted and it is annoying. Now I try to always use the 2-touch method and it works much more reliably (except for a bug that I posted about sometimes the highlighted tile loses it highlight...)
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              2 more tips:
              1) when you run out of hearts and go to your friends for their donated hearts you have the option to [ACCEPT ALL]. This 'accept all' option seems like a really nice and convenient option but don't use it. There are a couple reasons why. A) if you pass that level on your next try and then have to go stop playing for a while or maybe pass a few more levels on the first try then your hearts will naturally refresh on their own. If you accept extra hearts then you may reach your 5 heart limit and instead of getting more heart by time you wasted a friends heart. B) a similar scenario is during special events you can reach that next level and win a infinity heart which means you wouldn't need those extra friends hearts at least for a while. So don't redeem and possibly waste hearts before you need to.

              2) On levels with the bees on them, remember that when you pop those tiles they will only vanquish the bee and not do any other action like remove the grass or pop the box next to it or release a pearl from a clam ect... So IF possible try to vanquish the bees when they are on tiles that are not needed to reach your goal. For example you have to break a box and have 3 boxes nearby that you could combine. If the bee is on the tile that is next to that box see if there is another move elsewhere you could/need to do and come back to this move after the bee has moved (note: keep an eye on the number of moves you have left and of course be careful that you aren't removing tiles below them that will cause those needed tiles to move)


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                Great tips, keep them coming! May we also share these on social media?


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                  of course you can share them.
                  another tip:
                  we know the "hint" that the game suggests isn't always the BEST move on the board but it is VERY helpful:
                  a) if you just can't find that 1 move left
                  b) sometimes it IS better than the move you were about to do
                  c) to verify there isn't a better move. we know the AI will always suggest a move that will make the highest power up possible if one exists, so if it suggests a non-power up move you know there are no moved that will directly make a power up (but that doesn't mean there isn't a move that will start a chain that results in a power up). also if it shows an egg move there is no black bomb move possible. basically it ranks the bomb levels and gives you a random suggestion from the highest possible. i think 'egg' and 'dynamite stick' are the same level.


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                    everyone should request hearts from clubs as often as possible EVEN if you do not need them. every time you give a heart in the club you get club points so by requesting hearts as much as possible you let others in the club earn more club points to buy items from the club store.


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                      TIP on levels that have balloons remember that the faster you pop the existing balloons the faster NEW balloons will appear. ALSO if you have any special item like a bomb sitting at the bottom where the balloons are coming from, the balloons will NOT appear from that location. So if you have 3 locations where the balloons will appear from and 2 of those locations have sticks of TNT there then you won't get many balloons and may not get enough to complete the challenge!!


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                        Good tip thank you

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                      On certain levels that need those red mushrooms to clear an obstacle you should be aware that where those mushrooms get thrown to is NOT random. Red mushrooms don't replace/remove other red mushrooms or bombs. So if you need red mushrooms to get thrown to a particular area, try to NOT match mushrooms in other areas (of course those matches may happen on their own).


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                        Originally posted by esmee View Post
                        On certain levels that need those red mushrooms to clear an obstacle you should be aware that where those mushrooms get thrown to is NOT random. Red mushrooms don't replace/remove other red mushrooms or bombs. So if you need red mushrooms to get thrown to a particular area, try to NOT match mushrooms in other areas (of course those matches may happen on their own).
                        This is an excellent tip esmee. May we share it on social media?


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                          of course. Is there a blanket waiver form I can sign to permit any comment I make on this forum to be used?

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                          No, but this quote is sufficient!

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                        thanks guys for the tips given by you all

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                          My tips after several months of playing.

                          Join a club, donate daily if possible, always do the free play and make sure you send and request hearts. By sending a life when you click help you earn 5 red coins. By doing the free play game you earn as many red coins as the diamonds you collect. Use these to buy Barry the bear and Lena the lion and to buy tokens for them. Trust me you want to earn and cash in the red coins to pay for the tokens on at least one of them. Keep buying even if you can't power them up.

                          Always do both Animal events each week. Trust me that you want to earn as many tokens for each animal as you can even if you don't have enough coins to power up the animals. It will pay off eventually. When you do decide you can power up animals I would choose one set that you have the most tokens. Mine was the Farm set. I would save up coins and wait for the Farm animals to be the challenge or wait for a Beach or other event where you can get rewards for the coins spent.

                          Do the island garden and use the ovens to do the daily treats to earn Trident coins. It might take a while to build up and open all the garden plots and ovens but it will pay off. Use the Trident coins to get Rusty the horse and buy his tokens. Again even if you can't power up. You can also buy the mythical token bags once a week to help rescue the mythical animals. Use keys to upgrade the gardens and ovens. I suggest upgrading any that have donuts, cookies and cake as these are less likely to drop.

                          Buy the one day VIP if you can. If you know you will have extra playing time this is a good use of 1000 coins. Each green puzzle is an extra 20, red is 30 and purple is 40 with the animal events giving an extra 5. I almost always made back the 1000 plus several hundred if not enough for another VIP. Of course there is always the chance of difficult puzzles that might hinder how many you can finish. Plus you get a spin on the prize wheel, a free play to earn red coins and extra lives.