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Tips and Tricks for Animal Cove

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    Originally posted by DARKHUNTER View Post
    My tips after several months of playing.

    Join a club, donate daily if possible, always do the free play and make sure you send and request hearts. By sending a life when you click help you earn 5 red coins. By doing the free play game you earn as many red coins as the diamonds you collect. Use these to buy Barry the bear and Lena the lion and to buy tokens for them. Trust me you want to earn and cash in the red coins to pay for the tokens on at least one of them. Keep buying even if you can't power them up.

    Always do both Animal events each week. Trust me that you want to earn as many tokens for each animal as you can even if you don't have enough coins to power up the animals. It will pay off eventually. When you do decide you can power up animals I would choose one set that you have the most tokens. Mine was the Farm set. I would save up coins and wait for the Farm animals to be the challenge or wait for a Beach or other event where you can get rewards for the coins spent.

    Do the island garden and use the ovens to do the daily treats to earn Trident coins. It might take a while to build up and open all the garden plots and ovens but it will pay off. Use the Trident coins to get Rusty the horse and buy his tokens. Again even if you can't power up. You can also buy the mythical token bags once a week to help rescue the mythical animals. Use keys to upgrade the gardens and ovens. I suggest upgrading any that have donuts, cookies and cake as these are less likely to drop.

    Buy the one day VIP if you can. If you know you will have extra playing time this is a good use of 1000 coins. Each green puzzle is an extra 20, red is 30 and purple is 40 with the animal events giving an extra 5. I almost always made back the 1000 plus several hundred if not enough for another VIP. Of course there is always the chance of difficult puzzles that might hinder how many you can finish. Plus you get a spin on the prize wheel, a free play to earn red coins and extra lives.
    Some excellent tips Darkhunter! A veteran player indeed . We may promote these on social media for others to reference!


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      Here are a couple more advanced match 3 tips:
      Basically think 1 or 2 moves ahead.
      FIRST think about where in the game you are. For example if it is your last move and you have a chance to make an A-bomb (the big nuk looking bomb), who cares? it is the last move so unless that will also collect what you need to finish the level (or you already plan on extending) then it doesn't really matter. Similar, if you only have 2 or 3 or maybe even 4 moves left and you have an opportunity to make a stick or round bomb but it is way off in the corner somewhere that isn't helpful, then it may not be worth doing (unless you can make it, explode it and you know that will complete a cloud that will likely finish the level...) One of the BEST examples of this are on the club weekly challenge levels where you are collecting gems. On your last move you have a chance to combine a cloud with a bomb or TNT jar. It is soooo tempting because who doesn't love seeing 2, 3, 4 or even more big bombs materialize all over the board, but again, it was the last move and you can actually use them, So you are better off picking a regular tile that is touching lots of gems or just lots of them to cause maximum waterfall action.
      SECOND there are many situations where you can easily get a match but might be better to wait on. Some great ones include: you have 2 then a space then 2 more. If they are in a vertical line then see if you can do a vertical match 3 in the gap and maybe you can get lucky to set up a match 5. If the 2, space, 2 is vertical then try to do a vertical match 3 on either side and again try to set up a match 5. if you have a chance to make a vertical match 4 (i.e. 1, space, 2 with the match lined up on the left or right of the space) then try to do a match 3 on the opposite side, again in hopes of setting up a match 5.
      There are lots of these opportunities, just keeps yours eye out and thinking it forward.
      good luck
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