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End Game spoilers (Cliff Hanger)

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  • End Game spoilers (Cliff Hanger)

    Major Spoilers!

    Totally shocked at the multiple Cliff Hangers. First the new "Pig Rocket" event confirming this is "Earth" and now this cliff hanger that could be "Malistaire" reborn, "Grand Father Spider", "The Rat - Rasputin", a new Arcanum character that has yet to be revealed yet, The Cabal, or a new villain from Empyrea part 2, or a new threat for another story arc after Grandfather spider.

    That or an alternate reality where "Malistaire" was not stopped and he was able awaken the Dragon Titan.

    Elias did confirm a key word "shadow", after saying that the light show was cool before the "shadow" showed up. Very excited to see where this goes.

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    Yeah, I’m really excited about the many spiral connections! Curious to see where things go.

    I’ve actually written about a few theories on my blog. One was about the spiral connections, and another was a general theory. If you’re interested and happen to take a look, let me know your thoughts!

    I love to theorize with other players.

    Spiral Connections:

    Wizard101: Vanessa Mythdust
    _~ )_)_~
    Pirate101: Virtuous Vanessa


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      It was a cliffhanger with the effects. Thought the dez one if just as powerful of a cliffhanger


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        Blizzard rd

        Yup gotta love the Dez cliffhanger!

        However after yesterday's game update... a new cliff hanger has appeared! Whirl pool. And we all know when a whirl pool forms that mean water is draining somewhere which always reveals new areas!

        Also in this area, it has been updated as well. Before you could only see the eyes. Now the trees move, 2nd animation making the eyes bigger, and finally both animation sets have a large growling sound. So either this new animal we recruit is a Yeti or a Polar Bear.

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        • Blizzard
          Blizzard commented
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          Oh, i didnt notice the wormpool,

          Thought am not sure it would be a yeti

          If we look at the animals we have as mystery animals we can see the ones left atm

          There a fox that looks to be the same silouate as zora, so it could be a twin fox, an octopus, a wolf, penguin, flamigo, horse, snake, donkey, dolpen, gorila and frog

          Now colour aside as they could refect personiltys. I feel the one that make the most sence for the winter wonderland area would be animals like the fox, wolf and penguin.

          The horse, snake and donkey would fit better in the desert side. And the right side of mystery of the east could be for the grolia
          The otcopos, dolpen and frog could link to the wormpool.

          But going back to the wonderland i feel the eyes could be the wolfs, as in show and past movies the wolf lark jn the shadows, or the fox if we belive it zora twin.

          So in my mind i feel the eyes in the trees are the wolfs

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        I noticed that the wormpool appears and disappears. I even saw it spawn as I was searching for it. It may even move. Curiouser and curiouser. Also, I miss Dez.


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          Yes the whirlpool disappears AND moves. I have spotted it South of the globe and West of the windmills and SE of the dock. It appears to rotate through those locations.
          Also, it seems like there are more clouds now and I can't see as much 'sneek peeks' as before.


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            And... we are right back where the cliff hanger began, with Dez.


            • SophiaLife
              SophiaLife commented
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              It was interesting to see how the otters are from Europe and all the hints we got about the magician. The poster that was found of the magician is interesting because it reveals a face but is that actually him or is that just an advertisement for a magician that isn't actually him?

              Another thing... The magician originally wasn't a magician, but a hoax, until he came to this island.