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  • Squeeze 8 days into 7

    So this is a tip that I wanted to post under my clan, then under the tip topic but then just wanted it to have its own title.
    This tip is how to squeeze 8 days into the 7 day challenge. Yes it CAN be and should be done. It is actually very easy and simple.
    a) the club's weekly (7 day) challenge resets on Sunday at 7pm EST (which I believe is midnight GMT),
    b) HOWEVER each individual player has their tickets renewed at midnight their own timezone.
    c) So if I do NOT use my club ticket on Sunday morning/afternoon then I can start the club challenge Sunday night after 7pm and by Saturday have 7 days completed and then on that next Sunday I can squeeze an 8th day that week. So this will be easier for some time zones and harder for others (and impossible if you live at GMT).
    d) But I will only squeeze in that 8th day if I think it might help the club reach that next level (because I need a 6 day week to re-allow me to get another 8 day week).

    So I can only hope that EVERYONE in my club see this and starts to do this and then on Sunday makes a choice, if we are <1000 points from that next level then play. If we are >1000 points away then 'save' that Sunday ticket in case we need that 8th day next week.

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    I live in GMT so can't do the 8 for 7 boo hoo


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    Again this won't help Grrowl, who lives in GMT but those of you that live East of GMT then the weekly challenge will resent MONDAY morning (e.g. 1am if you are 1 timezone East, etc..) In THIS case you have a chance to get 8 days squeezed into 7 by using your MONDAY token for the previous weekly challenge (i.e. stay up until after midnight and play 1 more time). If you are MUCH more East, e.g. Sydney, Australia which is +10, then your reset is 10am on Monday and if you are morning person you may already play every Monday on the week before. So you just need to follow a similar tip as above and NOT play Monday MORNING if it won't help your club that prior week and use that play Monday AFTERNOON so you can squeeze that 8th play in next week if needed.


    • Cornishblade
      Cornishblade commented
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      I live in UK GMT and my ticket to play comes in at 4-30am

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    Cornishblade thx for the input. That is very interesting indeed, maybe EVERYONE can squeeze 8 days into 7. Can anyone else from other timezones chime in as to when their ticket renews and when their weekly challenge gets reset?