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Vanessa Mythdust is happy

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  • Vanessa Mythdust is happy

    I bet Vanessa Mythdust is happy about today's Animal Rescue!! It's about time that cute moose got some love

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    Oops, I just saw this! Yes, I was incredibly happy about the moose. There’s gotta be other moose lovers out there too!
    Wizard101: Vanessa Mythdust
    _~ )_)_~
    Pirate101: Virtuous Vanessa


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      i just found a stray turtle on the island. very very cute.
      also found new areas
      Screenshot_20190709-223319_Animal Cove.jpg


      • Yoshisan
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        What island Esmee?

      • Yoshisan
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        Ho I recognized the volcano on your picture but that's all. I don't see on my screen the camp fire like yours.
        Also another question. I try to get a maximum of red coins in order to have gold coins. Same for blue coins. I spend extra 600 coins to get at least 30 red coins to get more and more gold coins. But I can't reach the huge amount of monet you have 650 000. Do you spend real money? It's kind of discouraging. I used to spend real money to get the club higher if you remember well and I was very involved before my friend left. Now we have very good elements and we have Bartz which is really fun, nice and involved. With the 9 hours difference between USA and France I really feel alone and I don't know what to do about.
        Do you think the administrators could create a space for French people who don't speak French?