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How do you Value snacks and recipes? Here is how I did it.

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  • How do you Value snacks and recipes? Here is how I did it.

    So I had a question about which treat combinations I should redeem and which ones I shouldn't or at least if I don't have enough of 1 treat and have to choose between 2 of them which one I should pick. So I came up with a system to value treats and then each reward combination. Here is a link to my google sheet where I will try to update it for the newest set of recipes:

    Also in that sheet is a page called "Treats" which shows a relative "value" for each treat and you can calculate your own ROI.

    Please let me know if this helps.

    If anyone likes it and would be interested in helping update it, let me know and I will teach you how to update and grant you access.

    Lastly, for those of you interested in HOW I am doing the value here is a summary:
    • There are 2 types of treats: treats that are harvested and treats that are made
    • There are also 2 'special' treats that are harvested: chocolate and strawberries since they are the (only) ones that are offered for tridents by themselves.

    So step 1:
    I evaluated how many 'harvestable' treats you can get per 6 hour period. If you have a 50% chance at getting 6 of that treat then you effectively get 3 each 6 hour period. Note that the number of treats YOU will get is dependent on how many gardens you have unlocked and therefore I show the calculations results based on the number of gardens you have unlocked.

    Step 2:
    Using the recipes used to convert 'harvested' treats into 'created' treats I get a ratio of how many of these 'created' treats you can achieve per each 6 hour harvest period.

    Step 3:
    I value chocolate and strawberries based on how many tridents being offered for a given number of those treats.
    Then I value each other treat based on the ratio of their #/6 hr period to the # of chocolates and strawberries you get in that same time.

    Step 4:
    I enter the current recipes and the formulas calculate the "value" of those ingredients and compares it to the # of tridents being offered and then gives a ROI for that recipe.
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    This is a great guide esmee! May we share it on social? I also separated out a few of the lines to make it easier to read to help here for others.


    • esmee
      esmee commented
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      sure you share it. Thanks for making it more readable. I hope others find it helpful.

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    OK everyone that uses my sheet (anyone?), I have updated it and added a new sheet to the book.
    Basically I noticed that certain snacks were getting used more often than others and I was running out of them while other snacks like chocolates and strawberries are still piling up. That means that all my hard work to create an ROI (return on investment) as a way to decide if I should collect those tridents or save those snacks for another trident offering wasn't working so great. Basically I would redeem tridents for 40 chocolates with an ROI at 100% but maybe not for another recipe that was 120%. So I have updated the sheet to look at trident recipe offerings and weighted the value and then ROI based on that. Here is the explanation I give on the new sheet:
    This ['Weighted Treat ROI'] sheet differs from the (original) 'Treat ROI' sheet because it also takes into account the frequency that various trident recipes have been showing up. Basically, since you collect more chocolate than you can use up the value of chocolate is less and you should get tridents all the time, but maybe vanilla icecream is used so often (remember chocolate icecream, strawberry icecream, and icecream sandwiches all require vanilla icecream to start) that it is more valuable due to its high demand. For more info on this concept search for the concept of 'supply and demand'.
    Here is the link again:
    And remember there are now 2 tabs for ROI and you might have to click on the 'Weighted Treat ROI' tab to see the updated version.

    Please let me know if you like or have comments or suggestions or find errors