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    Originally posted by DARKHUNTER View Post
    I was able to order my new tablet today so I should have it early next week. Will be nice to not worry about using boosts or buying extra club plays only to lose them to crashes.

    I only have Mackie at 116/150 and the Mythicals left. They are all level three with 3 that are 2/3 the way to level four and the other 2 are a little over 1/3 the way. I don't buy the weekly token bag from the Club shop because it costs more than the one I buy in the Island shop. So I just get the Friday tokens and any from rewards.

    I spend my keys improving my gardens. Currently using to level the +1 on the cake/cookie. Running low on cakes.

    I'm not that upset about losing the Tuesday animal event. It will only be 2500 coins a week. I figure I am saving 7000 a week by not donating.

    I have spent over a million just on the Beach events since about April. Saving up coins now if they bring back the Halloween and other holiday events. I didn't really get much last year.
    New tablet? very nice! I myself (this is the community manager) am actually in the market for a new tablet too... not quite sure which one to get yet. I was hoping for one with facial login recognition.


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      Thanks for sharing what happens at level 10. Ways of Whimsy is at Club Level 8. Like Darkhunter, I've just got Mackie and the Mythicals to finish (sounds like a band name). Though I don't think most of my club members are as far along.


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        congrats Momstable . At level 10 you get a MAX LEVEL banner and no more donations possible.