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    I was just wondering how many players have conquered the Beach Ball challenge and reached the maximum 200,000 beach ball level. If you are one of those Beach Ball super stars, reply here and let us know (and salute you ).

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    I have done it several times. I keep saying I will just get to a certain level but end up doing it all.

    Might not this time as I had to go back to the phone when the tablet crashed and died for good. I will be buying a new tablet soon, hopefully before they might have the special holiday events.
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      I have done it the last 2 or 3 times and plan to do it again this time. Rather boring but the rewards are good. I tried to spice it up a bit last time by aiming for 10,000 gems (check) and that is what I will shoot for this time too


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        IT'S BEACHBALL TIME again. Who will be the next to join the Beach Ball Champion club and reach that 200K mark?? It CAN be YOU.


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          Just squeaked by last night with 200k and half an hour to spare. That is a LOT of playing!


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            Nicely done all! Let me know if you need a shoutout on social at any point to help gather interest in an event you are focusing on.