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Musings upon restarting

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  • Musings upon restarting

    I had to start over from scratch. I had not saved my game properly via Google Play, my old phone died. Customer support tried, but they couldn't get it back either.

    I lost everything. Gold, Levels. Story. Costumes. All of it. I was able to rejoin the same club, the one I'd founded, since a couple of the players were folks I knew IRL.

    So, this was bad. However, it wasn't all bad.

    By starting over, I got to see the game as it exists right now, for a new player. With all the bells and whistles at the start. I get to enjoy all of the quips and interactions between the various characters as I add them. And since I know where the story is going, I'm able to decide how long I linger in each stage. I'm not stuck at the current end game waiting for content, especially specific content.

    Right now I"m trying to level up Barry (Baby Bear cub). I'm working on the Baby Horse as well. That should enable me to get more gold revenue to level up the others, Storywise, I'm paused with just Winston, Dex, and Amanda, by my own choice. I have Harper hanging out in the middle of a build, so I get her interactions as well. I'm really enjoying the interplay. Either more was added since the last time I was at this stage, or I breezed through it so fast I didn't get all of it.

    So, silver linings and all that.

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    I wonder if there is ANY chance that KI could make 1 really small tweak to this abandoned game to let us restart the story. I know nothing is small so I'm sure it won't happen, but that would be fun to go through the story again but not actually start from scratch and forfeit the >2M coins I've amassed.


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      That's an interesting proposal, I'll let the team know. Maybe there's a way to reset the quests in this way.