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    Hi Whimsicals! Here is a place for our Ways of Whimsy members can communicate better with one another! We can cheer each other on, post tips or advice for Animal Cove puzzles, and be make our club a great group for enjoying our game.

    I'm looking forward to chatting with you all here and in the game!

    - Rhian

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    Welcome Ways of Whimsy to the Clubs section of the Animal Cove forums!


    • Momstable
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      Thank you very much.

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    I am happy to announce that Ways of Whimsy is up to Club Level 5. There will be some spots opening up later today as we review the membership rolls.


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      Congrats Ways of Whimsy, keep it up!


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        We reached Club Level 8!! Making steady progress.


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          Originally posted by Momstable View Post
          We reached Club Level 8!! Making steady progress.
          Congrats on reaching level 8! Just two more levels to go!


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            Update on Ways of Whimsy. We are still here. My old account had to be restarted, but I had friends IRL, so I was back to helping run the club. Not too much activity from other than the core 3 or 4 of us. However we are at Level 9. We are most of the way to Level 10. We've just hit a snag since I have to get my ability to donate the 1000 a day back up.

            Any way, thought if anyone was wandering over here to check out active clubs, we are open and accepting new members. Come and Play.