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  • Animal Cove FAQ

    What is Animal Cove?

    It's the latest mobile game from KingsIsle Entertainment! Animal Cove is an adventure game where you continue the story by completing Match-3 puzzles. You've washed up on a mysterious island only to discover you can speak with animals! It's up to you to build a paradise for your new talking animal friends and solve the mystery of the island!

    Animal Cove is now globally available on Apple's AppStore and the GooglePlay Store.

    Check back here for news and updates as we release more content!

    How do I find friends?

    In the game you will see a small button with a person+letter outline in the near upper left of the game screen. Clicking on this will show you a window that displays any important received messages, as well as the option to view and connect with friends.

    There are two options to add friends, one being by adding their name directly and one by using Facebook. For the non-Facebook option, add a friend by clicking on the + tab and then the bottom 'Add By Name' green button. Type in the friend's name in the entry box. Voila, a new friend has been added!

    How do I add a Facebook friend?
    1. Login, and if you are a new player, get past the initial introduction gameplay
    2. Click on the upper left person/letter/heart icon
    3. In the new pop-up window, click the Top + tab
    4. The new window will be labeled 'Recommended Friends'. Here is where you should see your friends appear if both of you are properly logged in and connected to Facebook

    A few important considerations to successfully connect:
    1. Ensure neither friend's friend list is not maxed already at 50
    2. Ensure both of you are logged in and connected to Facebook through the game
    3. If the friends window does not show your friend, restart the game
    4. It's also advisable to follow the game's Facebook page right away too

    How do I continue the story?

    Open your “Task List” by tapping the button on the bottom left corner of the screen while looking at the island.

    You have to spend Keys to complete a task and move the story forward. Speaking of Keys…

    How do I earn Keys?

    Each time you beat a Match-3 level, you’ll earn 1 Key! Some tasks take more than 1 Key to complete, however. You can only get Keys by beating a Match-3 level.

    What are “Special Requests”?

    As you continue the story, your animal friends will make Special Requests. You can view these by going to the “Task List” window, and visiting the second tab.

    Each Special Request will present you with a map of levels. As you complete levels here, you’ll earn special rewards. If you complete the entire map, you’ll complete the animal’s Special Request and receive a prize and get to watch a special scene.

    You’ll even see your animal continue to enjoy the results of the Special Request as you watch them on the island-- ever wanted to see Winston sip on some coffee from time to time? Try completing his Special Request! Your animal pals would really appreciate it (hint, hint.)

    What is a “Challenge” Special Request?

    Yikes… well… a Challenge will require you to complete multiple levels on the Special Request Map without losing. If you lose a level before reaching a checkpoint, you are sent back to the previous checkpoint. Once you win enough levels to earn a prize and reach a checkpoint, you will fall back to this level if you lose again.

    These can be very challenging, but they have great rewards! We recommend a warm up and maybe a hearty breakfast before diving in.

    Check out our 'Everything You Need to Know About Baby Animals' article for details on the weekly events around these cute animals!

    What are Power-Ups and how do I get them?

    Party foul for the double question, but… Power-Ups are special pieces you create by making large matches. To get a Power-Up, match 4 or more pieces together.

    There’s 3 different types of Power-Ups… Bombs, Eggs and Thunderclouds!

    If you match 4+ pieces in a line, T or L shape, you’ll get a Bomb Power-Up. The more pieces you match, the BIGGER the bomb.

    To get an Egg Power-Up, match 4 pieces in a square shape.

    Finally, you’ll earn a Thundercloud Power-Up by setting off lots of Bomb and Egg Power-Ups. It’ll automatically be placed onto the board when you fill your Rainbow Meter (in the bottom left corner. Look for the Thundercloud with mood swings, you can’t miss him.)

    How do I use Power-Ups?

    That depends on the type of Power-Up.

    Bombs are simple: double tap to set them off in place, or get all fancy and swipe them for some extra reach. Bombs explode and damage pieces in a large area… depending on the size of the bomb, of course.

    Eggs will have a color, depending on the pieces used to create them. If you create a 3 match (or better) with an egg, it will hatch automatically. Eggs hatch into “smart” Chicken Bombs that do their best to help with your current objective. Just… uh, don’t get your hopes up. They aren’t the brightest birds in the henhouse-- but more on that later!

    As for Thunderclouds, you can swap them with a piece to remove all pieces of the same color.

    But, FYI, you really ought to consider combining your Power-Ups to make fusions. Hmm? You want to know more about that? Well…

    Can I COMBINE Power-Ups?

    Uh, yeah!

    If any two Power-Ups are next to each other, you can swap them together to create a Fusion! Fusions are much more powerful than a single Power-Up, so make sure you combine Power-Ups whenever you see them.

    They can make some pretty crazy combinations… like exploding chickens! Just don’t tell the chickens we said that.

    What’s the best way to use Egg Power-Ups?

    Aw yeah, Egg Pro-Tip time… Well, the Chicken Bombs you hatched from Eggs will do their best to help you complete your objectives, but there’s a few ways to better utilize them:

    Our little Chicken friends are easily overwhelmed, so limit their options before deploying their feathery destructive forces.

    If you have more than one objective (like “Collect Watermelons and Break Boxes,”) the chicken will choose randomly which objective to go after. If you want a chicken to go after a specific objective, try fully completing the other objective before hatching the Egg. Example: if you want the chicken to go after a Box, make sure you’re done collecting Watermelons first.

    Also, don’t rush to hatch your Eggs. Eggs are very useful for cleaning up a few tricky objectives near the end of a level, but early on they may not be able to make much impact. In short, the more options a chicken has to pick from, the less reliable they are!

    Also, when it comes to Fusions (combining an Egg with a Bomb), we have an old saying: “never trust a Chicken with a Bomb.” But, if you follow the tips above, you’ll have a better idea of whether that chicken will get you a homerun or a foul ball… fowl ball? Yeah. Fowl ball. Nailed it.

    Disclaimer: no Chickens were harmed in the making of this FAQ.

    This level is too hard!

    First of all, that’s not a question. That’s okay, we’ll address it anyway!

    Some levels can definitely be very tricky, but we assure you: every level can be beaten! Make sure you know how the objective type or obstacles work in the level (we’ve included some pointers below.) Also be sure to learn more about Power-Ups above—especially Fusions; they can really change the entire outcome of a puzzle.

    If you’re having trouble, you can always try bringing a Booster before starting the puzzle, or using your Hammer to break specific pieces.

    But most of all, don’t give up too soon! Sometimes it may seem like the level isn’t going well, but the luck of Match-3 may turn in your favor at the last minute!

    How do I move the Hedgehog?

    He’s easily moved by sad movies, romantic gestures, and epic power ballads. Oh, wait, I get what you mean… Paw Tokens will always appear on levels that have a Hedgehog. Each Paw Token you collect will move the Hedgehog one tile forward.

    To collect a Paw Token, match to its color. Sir Hedgy will take care of the rest (name not officially approved as canon… yet!)

    The Hedgehog can break through some objects, like Boxes, but Ropes and Lava Rocks will block his path—make sure you clear these as soon as you can!

    How do I save the Starfish?

    To collect a Starfish, drop it to the bottom of the puzzle, where the water puddles are.

    There can only be a few Starfish on screen at a time, so you’ll need to drop them down quickly to complete a level that asks for a lot of Starfish. After you collect a Starfish, let us know if you also find his laugh mildly disturbing.

    How do I break Lava Rocks?

    Your puny matches do nothing to solid Lava Rocks… Mwahaha! But Bombs work really well. A bomb will crack the lava rock and make it vulnerable to matches. Once cracked, the Lava Rock works very similarly a Box.

    Why is it saying that someone logged into my account?

    While first encourage you to be sure another player that may have access to your account is not logged in. If they are not, the most likely explanation is occasionally your game will disconnect from the server, but do so very briefly before attempting to reconnect again. The server delay is too short, resulting in the game mistakenly telling you that someone else is logged in.

    Please wait a few moments and then try to connect again.

    Your game broke. What should I do?

    You can submit a support ticket through the Help button in the settings menu (top right button, while looking at the island.) We’re all ears!

    Also be sure to check out the Bugs & Issues section of the forum.
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    I am onlevel 302 and cznt go no further, cant move on tells me to wait for update, today i instaled update znd same thing happend cant go any further


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      Originally posted by Owen View Post
      I am onlevel 302 and cznt go no further, cant move on tells me to wait for update, today i instaled update znd same thing happend cant go any further
      Hi Owen! Thanks for playing Animal Cove! We are working hard are more levels beyond 300. Stay tuned as we announce updates in the weeks ahead!


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        This FAQ is GREAT (I don't think I read it before and had to learn it all the hard way). That said, I think it needs some updates. The whole animal event and other events I think replaced those 'special requests' things. There are also new mechanics that you might want to add like the flowers/grass spreading.


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          It would be nice while waiting between updates mabe adding extra choice to to the items you can change.


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            Originally posted by esmee View Post
            This FAQ is GREAT (I don't think I read it before and had to learn it all the hard way). That said, I think it needs some updates. The whole animal event and other events I think replaced those 'special requests' things. There are also new mechanics that you might want to add like the flowers/grass spreading.
            Thanks for the reminder, we'll get the FAQ updated right away!


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              What does infinity play mean? I still have to wait for lives to regenerate...


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                Originally posted by Cinder131361 View Post
                What does infinity play mean? I still have to wait for lives to regenerate...
                Originally when you reached the last level that KI made you couldn't play any more and had to wait for the next update. They added the infinity play so you can keep playing random levels but you do NOT have infinity HEART. Infinity HEART is a separate reward.