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What are keys for? I have 500 and no where to use them

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  • What are keys for? I have 500 and no where to use them

    Can someone tell me where I can use my keys? I have 500 keys and it says story is at end for now. All I can get with them is cloths for characters? Is that going to help me to advance because I don’t have anything like the photos of others on here? But. No things to advance with?Am I done?

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    I think the best use for the keys if you are on infinity mode is to upgrade your ovens and gardens on mythical island. You can increase the chance of getting rare harvests and the chance of getting double results from your ovens.


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      I agree with bartzman and would just like to expand on that. I don't know if you have even bought the gardens and ovens on mythical island, so you may need to do that first. That said you might be asking why bother, why does this mythical island even matter (especially if you don't care about rescuing and leveling up your baby animals).
      So even if you aren't obsessed with these cute little baby animals you should very much consider rescuing and leveling them. Why? To get gold and other helpful boosters. So every weekend is an animal event that gives you a chance to win great things for playing and you can play more levels the higher your animals are leveled up to. ALSO, once an animal is has received the maximum number of tokens (even if you haven't paid to level it up to 5 stars) any further tokens you receive for the animal will be converted to GOLD COINS. So now back to that mythical island and those gardens. If you garden and cook you can then redeem recipes for those trident coins. The trident coins can then be used to buy exclusive items in the mythical island shop, which includes the horse tokens. Once you buy enough horse tokens to max out the horse, then you will earn gold coins for your gardening efforts.
      NOTE: there appears to be a design factor you must take into account. If you max out the LEVEL of ALL of your non-exclusive pets then the weekly rescue event (Tues-Thurs) will not work for you since you have no pets left needing rescue/level. So to keep getting gold from that mid-week event make sure you have AT LEAST ONE of those non-exclusive pets NOT max out in LEVEL/STARS (1 non-exclusive baby must be < 5 stars) .