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  • Hero Power Recharge Times

    Artemis, Ironflower, Truffles, Bjorn, Dr. Beaker, and Karlov's powers all have the same recharge time.

    I bought the Level 200 talents for Artemis and Ironflower which reduce the recharge time by 25%. Then I activated all the powers one after another, with no more than a second or two between the first and last. Then I bought the Level 200 talent for Truffles. Then I used Hilda's power. Then I bought the Level 200 talents for Bjorn, Bearker, and Karlov.

    This resulted in Artemis and Ironflower's powers having ~ 3 minutes (2:52) more left than Truffles, whose timer then had ~ 4 minutes (3:56) more than Bjorn, Beaker, and Karlov.

    Now I can see why whether I use Hilda's power or buy the 200 Level talent first would matter. If I use Hilda first, she takes 25% off the full timer then the talent takes another 25% of the full timer off. But if I buy the talent first it with take 25% off the full timer then using Hilda will take off 25% of the new, reduced timer (so less than she did before).

    But why does whether or not I use the power before or after I buy the talent matter? Is this a bug or something I'm missing?

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    Hi AutumnDusk, are still experiencing this issue?