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  • So what's next?

    I am wondering what the plan is for Everclicker. Is there any new characters or content in the works to look forward to or is this it? Is there any plan or timeline on fixing bugs, glitches or issues mentioned? Is there any intent at all to make the game saveable and retrievable without the use of facebook?
    I am not looking for generic please all answers to these questions, something real would be nice.

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    just gonna bump this up and see if it gets a reply, it has been here a week now.


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      Hi Original Pickles,

      Unfortunately we don't have any plans I can unveil just yet for EverClicker, but your excitement is appreciated! EverClicker is an awesome game and it's easy to tell you are passionate about it. Thank you for your support.

      We do have a number of really interesting ideas that we'd like to implement (I've heard a few of them, and they are impressive) and of course, we are aware of the bugs and glitches mentioned on these message boards and to our Customer Support. When we get closer to a time when we can announce what's coming next, we will be sure to make a huge announcement both in game and out.

      As for save files, there has been talk of improving all of our future mobile games with other options. If that becomes a reality, then the possibility of bringing this feature to EverClicker increases as well, but for now Facebook is the best we can offer.

      I know you're looking for more than what I've given you, and I apologize that the timing isn't right. When plans become more solid for the next EverClicker update, we'll rise to the occasion.



      • Original Pickles
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        thank you for the response.

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      It’s been a month. Anything new?
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        Originally posted by EmmalineWillow View Post
        It’s been a month. Anything new?
        Nothing new to report about yet!


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          I understand no new content, it can take awhile. But no content no communication and no events = dead game.

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        hi guys i'm a new member here any news ??
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          Originally posted by Kevin.d View Post
          hi guys i'm a new member here any news ??

          Welcome Kevin to the Animal Cove forums!