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Hero Leveling Gold Requirements

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  • Hero Leveling Gold Requirements

    Hi EverClickers.

    I've put together a table to show the GOLD cost to level each Hero in steps from AWAKENING to Level 1,000

    This data is based on you already having the Spirit VANDAR at level 10/10 (a total cost of 270 Essence + Summoning cost) and I highly recommend all new players acquire him very early in the game as he will halve the Gold required to level heros when he is at Level 10.

    This should help you decide when to try for the 1,000 Level Hero achievement for each Hero.
    Naturally, Gold collection will depend on levels of other Spirits you should also attain early in the game such as Shaddad, Valnor, Helion and Nagg.

    Good Luck with your rapid achievements with the game

    - Oz
    Be Nice, Game On