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Spiral Guild Has Openings!

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  • Spiral Guild Has Openings!

    Hello everyone!

    The Spiral guild was founded when the guild update first came out. Since that day, we're proud to say that we haven't missed a weekly goal ... ever. Unfortunately, as the game ages and people come and go, some weeks have been harder than others. We recently cleaned up our member list and have quite a few openings!

    A little bit about the Spiral guild:
    - We use the in-game guild chat to communicate.
    - The guild as a whole is very supportive and willing to answer questions and offer advice if you're struggling.
    - Most guild members will immediately add you to their friend list so you'll be directly involved in guild
    - As mentioned before, we've met the guild goal every week since the update guilds were introduced.

    We're looking for people who plan on being consistently active and (preferably) have some experience with the game. If you're interested in joining us, please reply below with your username so we know who to look for. Thanks!

    Wizard101: Vanessa Mythdust
    _~ )_)_~
    Pirate101: Virtuous Vanessa

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    I sent a request to join. Just started playing today. But plan to play daily. Love KI games. Always superb quality!


    • Vanessa Mythdust
      Vanessa Mythdust commented
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      Hi! What’s your in-game name so I can accept your request?