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  • Guild News: Information and news specific to your guild

    I thought it might be a good idea to make a page for people to go for information concerning there guild as at times it can be difficult to fit everything in on guild bulletin

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    Thanks to all Grumpy Gobblers who contributed your feed back and vote on our new guild avatar. Also you may have noticed I removed some people even though they kept there status current. In most cases keeping status current will keep you from removal however there where several request from people to join guild and people I removed have not contributed a single point since joining our guild. One person was at star1 stage 1 for 3 weeks. I don't think this is fair.


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      Thanks for the information!

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      Dino18 there is a opening available if somebody removed you I will keep a spot open

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    Just letting you know I can't access the Guild or Time gates at the moment.


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      Grumpy Gobblers Guild turns 1
      Some facts and history about our guild:

      24 members currently
      15 members play daily or semi daily
      4 members weekend players
      3-4 avg. weekly removals for lack of participation without notification

      Grumpy Gobblers Guild was created in September of 2017 as result of DDOS attacks to the wizard & Pirate 101 game servers. Like so many thousands of others I could not login in to the wizard 101 or Pirate 101 websites. After a few days of not being to login to the websites boredom was setting. So for a cure for my withdrawal of not being able to play my favourite games. I had heard that the KI mobile sites were not affected by the attacks and with kingisle's history of creating some spectacular gaming I gave Everclicker a try as they were having a crown promotion at the time as well. After a few days of playing I was getting the bug and enjoying a new game. I then decided I was going to join a guild. When I went to join a guild I noticed a option to create a guild so without much thought to it ( I think more out of curiosity of what the response would be) I created the Grumpy Gobblers. To my surprise all member spots filled up in about a week. The Grumpy Gobblers name came with not much thought to it other then a tie in to wizard 101 no other name came to mind or was considered. The Grumpy Gobblers has had 2 logos since it's existence our founding logo was a pink face/head with pink background on a orange banner with gold lettering the same one that Warped Hansky currently uses. Our current logo which was voted on by our members in January of 2018 is a alien head on a teal background on a purple banner with gold lettering.
      When guild was founded and all the member spots were filled up and after a few weeks had past I realized we had a problem except for a few many of the members who joined only played 1or2 times to never return again. I suppose this might of been due to KI getting the attacks to there servers resolved for wiz 101 & P101 So member removals were introduced for lack of participation without notification. In January 2018 removals were initiated for in some cases when status was kept current (very active) but had never contributed anything the guild.
      In December 2017 the Grumpy Gobblers finally completed it's first challenge. Like some of the other guilds our guild struggled at times with regular player participation & contribution to the weekly challenge. To encourage better player participation and with some success a challenge within the challenge was put forward to our members with an additional goal within the challenge. One officer spot would be available each week at the completion of the weekly challenge to the highest non officer points earner so promotions and demotions were introduced this also gave a member in a officer position an incentive to keep playing as well if they did not want to go down for lowest points. Participation and star level would settle any ties. Weekly removals has dropped dramatically since promotion/demotion has been introduced.
      With the addition of some notable members, Nasty thang, Filament, Vassopea, Jaskle and contribution from the rest of the guild members completion of the weekly challenge has been met consistently week after week.
      I would like to thank some past members for there interest and or contribution to the guild and it's growth. Andre le Mach who was with guild from close to it's founding and had to leave due to other commitments. At one point when the guild was really struggling I had a thought of folding up and joining another guild but after noticing amount of time you were online and contributing to the guild it inspired me to think otherwise. Also thanks to past members Alex Nevin and Chan 007 for your contribution and helping the Grumpy Gobblers achieve some early success. Special thanks to our Daily and semi daily and weekly guild players without your participation the completion of the weekly challenge would not happen.
      Grumpy Gobblers would like to thank the other guilds and players for the cup cakes, time gate invites and involvement for making Everclicker a fun game to play.
      Congratulations to the other guild whose first year may have past or be upcoming.