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    Since the new update came I tried in various ways to bring under yout attention the bad decision to only improve defence in this game ...The tower ranges increased ,the drop zones changed ,you improved health on buildings and gave an extra def tower to all levels...We love a challenge but it is now virtually impossible to beat yards...The only ones left are those that left the game before update ,if you lucky enough to get those...and some not so great layouts you might get 1 tower.It is now impossible to fill the clan chest safe to lev10 as hard you play and try .People are loosing intrest .We love to be challanged to work out how to attack and beat basis. You need to improve time to do this ,give us more elixer or faster filling of the elixer,or improve troop ranges ,damage ,etc....or do some re ballance on the tower ranges...You really can not improve all def towers add extra tower and think we can play against that with no attack improvements.This game is really fun and has good features but the ballance between attack and deff is way off do love the deff wins ...but i loose way way more on attack...and yes it is clear the decline in attacks on my base it used to be by the min over weekends now it is by the hrs....Must compliment u with the introduction of the new Event it is something good ,but as posted unfortunately we dont get in safes what it says we will get...hope this gets sorted soon...While i am rambling on just another thing would be a great feature if you could give us the oppertunity to buy the special legendaries offer on the legendaries we have already unlocked again from time to time in the store.It is not always possible when u unlock them to have the funds ready or get to a store in time to buy google card.Tnx