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War Goonz Update 1.40.0 - September 13, 2018

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  • War Goonz Update 1.40.0 - September 13, 2018

    A new game update has arrived for War Goonz! We're introducing a couple of new events, the Leaderboard Blitz, Zeke's TP Wipeout, and improved several areas of the game thanks to your feedback. Check out the complete update notes below:

    Gameplay Updates and Additions

    • New Events!
      • Leaderboard Blitz – Compete against up to 25 other players in PvP to earn epic rewards
      • Zeke’s TP Wipeout - Earn bonus safes, tokens, and gold as you spend TP
    • Ooze News has arrived!
      • See what happened while you were away
      • Review all the info you need in one place
      • Click the Newspaper in the upper right corner to view the Ooze News
    • Now you can leave messages for your opponents after you finish a PvP Battle

    Improvements and Bug Fixes

    • Gameplay improvements to the Region 1 Maps
    • Adjusted the Daily Mission Safe to only require stars earned on PvP Isle
    • Fixed various issues:
      • Corrected the connection issues that occurred while attempting to open Performance Rewards
      • A defeat message no longer incorrectly displays after a victory in combat
      • SnapJaw’s portrait no longer shows up as Machine Gun when placed in the town
      • No longer get the incorrect Performance Rewards when at the minimum score of a band
      • Attempting to rapidly deploy low cost Goonz now functions correctly
      • Global Chat no longer disappears when opening the chat UI
      • Fixed an issue that caused the Guild Safe Event to end early
    We are also working on a hotfix that will go out soon too. Let us know what you think of this update.

    Also, follow us on social media for other exciting updates and announcements, and to post your gameplay progress!



    Thanks early War Goonz players!