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The EverVerse is getting GUILDS!

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    I'm wondering how a chat window and key board is going to fit on my already small phone screen and not interfere with game play, also,will joining a guild be by friend request?


    • AnnBy
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      My tablet is big, but it took up the bottom 1/3rd or so I want to say. I think you can request to join any guild, as the brief time they were up I saw 3 listed and 2 of them were people I didn't even know. When you are in the guild page the game play isn't going on, similar to the area we go to for the hero quests and cauldron.

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    Hi Kymma! You will only be chatting when you are in the guild interface, which is full screen and removed from the actual combat. It should work perfectly on any sized device!


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    Dr Beaker, are the guilds competing behind the scenes (only KI can see) for the premier avatar, or is one random player per guild chosen that reaches the final reward for that week? It sounds like it is 1 person for the week, am I right?


    • Dr. Beaker
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      Correct, it is 1 random person within the guild when you fully complete the Weekly Guild challenge. You are not competing with other Guilds for it.