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WHY no Updates? BABY Animal Rescue not Event NOT working?!

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  • WHY no Updates? BABY Animal Rescue not Event NOT working?!

    *No story line Updates since... 2 years?? Game updates ONE in 2 years
    *Baby Animal Rescue with NOT ALL babies maxed in levels no longer working for anyone?
    Support run around explains it like we haven' Played the game before!
    Shoddiest Support from KI...Wizard 101 provides better Tech and Customer service Support!

    This is only 1 of 2 mobile games I use to occupy brief periods so no big deal to me. Although I will only spend RL Money on the other game for reasons listed above.
    Others, it's different and I can literally COUNT how many are left playing.
    The online forum is pitiful on how few are interested.
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    Hi BDS! Thanks for the sentiment. The story has ended, so that is no longer being developed at this point. We're updating the game to make this more clear.

    You had mentioned something about the Baby Animal Rescue event no longer working. Did this just stop for you, or is it running but you are having difficulty accessing it?